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Boardman Bikes Britpack
takes to the saddle Leading the way in mobile marketing

While the range of opportunities for connecting with consumers through social media may sometimes seem overwhelming, it is important to remember that traditional marketing principles still apply. Strategic insight, inspiring creativity and intelligent media planning all have a role to play in the sprint for consumers.

The dedicated team of social media specialists at Principles Communications Group have been putting these principles into practice recently, combining their skills to launch an integrated Facebook campaign for Halfords.

The Boardman Bikes ‘Britpack’ concept invites cycling enthusiasts to track their rides using the mobile application iMapMyRIDE and post the data onto the Britpack leaderboard to compete against other riders for prizes.

In addition to executing a successful social media content and communications strategy, MadeByPi also developed an fCommerce store to showcase Boardman Bikes and allow users to browse, research and purchase though Facebook.

The campaign was developed to achieve three clear marketing objectives for Halfords: drive traffic to the site, create engagement and increase online sales.

To achieve this, Fusion Unlimited undertook a comprehensive outreach program to connect with influential members of the British cycling community, providing real insight into the target audience. The creative concept was developed to inspire and engage with cyclists, encouraging them to participate, share and track their rides on Facebook during the Tour De France. The online media strategy pioneered the extensive use of social data to raise awareness of the campaign and drive traffic to the Facebook page. So far the campaign has been successful in meeting its objectives, building an ever growing community of over 4,000 enthusiasts in just three weeks,

These principles provide a solid foundation for successful social media marketing. If you’d like to talk about how we can help you develop a successful social media strategy, get in touch at

Bitesize news

Mobile wallet is one step closer

Google+ adds 20 million

The launch of Google+ has created a huge online buzz in recent weeks. The search giant’s latest attempt to develop a social platform has received an enthusiastic response, attracting over 20 million users in just 24 days. Google+ encourages users to sort their contacts into ‘Circles’ and selectively share content across their different social groups. While G+ is still very much at the early adopter stage, it may well become a genuine challenger to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn over the coming months and if it does, brands will be sure to follow.

38 Degrees uses the crowd to spread the word

Hackgate opens door to rivals

The News of the World ‘Hackgate’ scandal has dominated the media landscape over recent weeks, with a stunning succession of accusations, revelations, and resignations. Investigations into widespread phone hacking at The News of the World led News International to axe the paper after 168 years of publishing. Rivals including the Sunday Star and the Sunday Mirror attempted to capitalise on the opportunity, launching TV advertising and increasing print circulation in the hope of attracting former readers of the popular Sunday tabloid.

Principles Agency toddles off with ‘Best Retail Campaign’

What we’ve been working on

Principles Agency has scooped the coveted ‘
Best Retail Campaign’ in the Marketing Society Northern Awards. The agency has been recognised for its ‘Designed with Children in Mind’ campaign for Vertbaudet, the children’s retailer that is part of the Redcats Group. The award was achieved against high profile competition, with the direct response campaign being commended for its creative flair and effectiveness in driving response.

Michelle Ramirez, Vertbaudet’s brand manager said: “Principles’ fantastic work in repositioning the Vertbaudet brand, coupled with their understanding of the market and the DRTV process meant that they were clear winners of the pitch and natural choice of our first move into TV.”

“The ad is beautiful, capturing the essence of the brand perfectly. It has had a hugely positive reaction from Vertbaudet worldwide. Most importantly, it exceeded our expectations in terms of sales – both volume and value. We are continuing to work with Principles to build on this success and grow the Vertbaudet brand.”

Research in the real world

What we’ve been working on

“People don’t think how they feel, they don’t say what they think and they don’t do what they say” David Ogilvy

As politicians and marketing practitioners are destined to find out repeatedly until the end of time, people not only don’t behave as we want them to – they don’t always behave as they say they do.

People are complex creatures who create and believe ideas about themselves that sometimes bear only a fleeting resemblance to the facts.

Consider these examples:

“I am very careful about the food I eat”, “I always compare at least five insurance quotes” and the old classic “I don’t take any notice of advertising”.

This notion is central to our realworld™ research approach. Our mission is to get behind what people say – and think – and get to the truth.

A recent study reviewed budget conscious shoppers, agreeing with statements like “I have to budget very carefully when it comes to grocery shopping” and “I have a limited amount of money to spend each week on groceries”. realworld™ discovered that the reality was in fact quite different. These budget–orientated consumers actually reflected spending habits of their affluent counterparts. While spending was fragmented over different stores (not all stores being budget) the amount was quite substantial.

People, huh?